Your Heart Is In A Closet

Your heart is in a closet
A closet that I can’t see
But I know that it is locked away
And someone has the key

Your heart beats fiercely
But around me I can’t hear a peep
I guess I know that your heart beats
But it does not beat for me

Your heart is in a closet
And I don’t have the key
But you show me that your heart is in purgatory
But you still can’t move your feet

To be trapped in a love that has come and gone
To find something a new
Your heart is stuck in a closet
The key is held by someone you once knew

To move forward or stay in the past
The choice is up to you
Just decide if you want to get out of that closet
Or stay locked up by love you once knew

“You can never truly move on in your love life if you are still locked down by a lover of past” -Monica Renata