You Missed

My skin that shined so brightly
Just like amber glow
Was the only thing that caught your eyes
And initially the only part you wanted to know

For you did not look into my eyes
That beamed of chestnut and cinnamon swirls
But the flesh you did take notice
As it wrapped around my hips that curved

My nails were perfectly manicured
A diamond stud prettily placed in each ear
A pen to write all my thoughts
Nested upon my right ear

Wrapped up in my craft
My life!
My work!
My art!

Determined to reach a finished product
Focused on my craft
Heart in each word I write
But this you do not care

Frustration adorns my youthful, aging face
My hands caress my tousled hair
Fumbling through my research and writings
Biting my lip as I finish the task at hand

All of that in front of you
But you miss to see the drive
You do not wonder what’s in my mind
Nor what my future may look like

But to swim beside me in my thoughts
Would be an adventure you would never forget
But your thoughts only aimed at what’s on the surface
And unfortunately you missed

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