You Are

You are the sun rising in the morning

The piece of butter on my toast

For you are one of my favorites in life

What I value the most


You are the rainbow after the stormy rain

The last button on my coat

For you calm me in times of chaos

And your kindness warms my soul


But of all the things you are

And all that you are destined to be

I’m so happy that you are YOU

And I’m so happy you met me


You are the kindness in a world of hurt

The realist who can truly see

That life is truly what you make it

Thank you for showing that life to me


“Sometimes people walk into your life and make you realize that you need to start living. Do not hold on to what hurts you. Embrace life and appreciate each aspect of it, whether it be good are bad. Make every day a good day and encourage others to do the same. “ –Monica Renata