You will always find something wrong

Whether it is her misplaced hair

Or the way she double blinks her eyes when she is excited

Something will always be wrong



She will make you happy

She will make you so happy that you doubt if a greater happiness can exist

She will cloak you in love

Stroke your ego

And cultivate your dreams

But still

She will be wrong




Something is always wrong

Something won’t add up in your head

You will find her fault

Perhaps it is her zodiac sign

Because that sign is so stubborn

or perhaps it is her race

Because those women are so hard

You might even blame her age

For she is too old to be so dumb

But too young to be naive




You will always find something wrong

She loves you too much

She cares about you too much

She prays for you too much

And when others look at the bigger picture

The only thing she ever did wrong

Was love you



She tied her happiness into your happiness

She smothered you in a love so pure that you didn’t deserve

She stroked your ego and also cultivated your dreams

Helped push you to be greater than you are today

And no matter the love that left her lips

Or the warmth that exuded from her heart

It wasn’t enough



Because to you

She was wrong



Perfection doesn’t exist

But even if it did

Your sight would neglect that

Her efforts and tears as she tries to be better

Doesn’t phase you because you don’t care



But in the end

It’s clear

that her greatest wrong

Was giving her love to you