Writing Prompt: Is Love Enough?

Is love enough?
Can love improve the world?

My answer is YES……but…….

Love must be redefined, and if that happens then love may be enough. I think what is wrong with the world is that we misconstrue the true definition of the word ‘Love’. We only think about love in the aspect of what truly benefits us. We base the concept of love on how we are feeling at the moment while neglecting the true definition of it.

Love‘ is a great feeling of affection
Affection‘ is a feeling of fondness
Fondness‘ is an affection of liking of something or someone
Liking‘ is to have a feeling of regard

Regard is defined as follows: “To consider or think of (someone or something) in a specified way.”

And to be quite honest, we only ‘REGARD‘ the things that affect our lives. Which is the problem. We neglect to think about others because they do not think about us. We don’t pay attention to issues in the world that do not directly effect us. And that is what is wrong….. Love could solve so many things….However, many of us do not truly understand what love is…….This is just my opinion though.

But I ask you this…….. Is love enough for you?