I remember when the snow fell light
And it landed on the ground
This rarely happened in my neighborhood
So I was happy and I smiled
I remember when that snow turned to hail
And then feel upon my face
It wasn’t as soft as the snow was
But I was still happy it came
I remember when that hail turned to hail stones
And I finally had to run for cover
I watched in amazement while in my house
Because I had never seen this before
Soon the snow came harder
And the stones continued to fall
I watched myself get blocked in
And I no longer could do anything at all
I remember when he said he loved me
I was happy and I smiled
And I remember when he cheated
But he came back
And I was happy he came, so I smiled
But now it is just a storm
And I have tried to run but cannot hide
I can be honest with him and tell him how I feel
But it seems like he doesn’t get it inside
Why would someone want something
That they decided to throw away
Why would someone hold on to something
In hopes of having it one day
Why say you love someone
When you look in their face and constantly lie
And why shed a single tear
When I tell you I am tired of trying. 
I remembered when it snowed that day.
I remember how I felt.
I was in love and I was blinded by some petty things
I was blinded by how I felt
When it began to hail I still watched in amazement
Because I wanted to believe it couldn’t be that bad
And when the hail stones started to drop
I ran for cover but I still was there
I eventually became trapped, and I was alone
And I was hiding from the truth
And we all know the truth can open scary doors
It opened the door to the real you
As time went on my heart grew cold
And I could say this is because of you
But now I treat you,
How you always treated me
And now you tell me you feel used
And now you show emotion
But my heart is cold and your tears don’t faze me
For now I am frozen
And you are a distant memory
I run into you time from time
And you are but a stranger to me
You give me a hug
 you buy a gift
But it doesn’t mean anything to me
You call me and I pick up
And you just hear me breathe on the phone
You want me to show an ounce of feeling
But I packed those up long ago
But the moral of the story is
Don’t take advantage of a real love
Cause if a woman really loves you
She loves with her heart and soul
And yeah they say the first wound
Is always the one that cuts deep
But never throw away something
That you always thought you would keep
Because women get fed up at times
And yes, they do move on
But when a woman loses all emotion for you
You basically do not exist in her world
So treat your women right
And hold on to what you got
Cause a woman can only take so much
Until she decides to shut you completely out