Why do women say Chilvalry is dead?

Chivalry is dead……
Sometimes a girl walks around

And claims to know her worth

Her parents taught her she was special

And worth more than gold

She was taught that respect should always be given

And also received

But when she got older those lessons seemed to leave
The other day I had a conversation with friends and the topic which was brought up was chivalry.
I mean, what do women necessarily want? I have heard that chivalry is dead, yet men still end up with women. Sometimes even multiple women
My grandmother always said that you should date a guy that wants to court you. By definition this means: 
      “When a man is courting a woman he is seeking her affection”
In my opinion, this is seeking an emotional bond. In modern America, a courtship may include activities in which the man and the woman participate in activities which can draw them together. This may be attending poetry readings together, watching movies/plays, conversation over a meal, and other things.
Now back to the topic about Chivalry.
We as women must realize that the situations we put ourselves in are because of us.
Many so called “relationships” I have witnessed has started as the following:
      Boy meets girl
      They exchange numbers
      Visit each other at their homes
      After doing this countless times they decide to be intimate
      After being intimate they are “in a relationship” or “friends”
This continues on and then one day the girl gets upset and says her man doesn’t treat her right and all this other stuff and then she says the statement, “Chivalry is dead.”
In my opinion, it isn’t dead. Well not just yet…… we have too many women who settle for the bare minimum and then they offer the guy their heart and body for just a simple “I love you” and a value meal from Mickey D’s. When women settles for less, men will feel (or basically know) that they don’t have to try hard to obtain a woman’s “all”.
I have many friends and I talked to countless people. And to be honest, I believe men really want to treat women right. There are times when I see men open a door for a women and she will complain and say “I can do this myself”. There are times when men are genuinely interested in a woman, and that woman will say such things as “All I want from you is sex.”
I mean you get what you ask for and then say men are dogs and they are no good because you came into a situation and decided to be “Ms. I don’t need a man for anything but sex” and get upset when they start to actually catch feelings for the guy and he has decided to withdraw his.
Women will tell men they only want them as a “f&%k buddy” and get upset when their “buddy” is taking another woman out on dates when they only see the ceiling of their buddy’s bedroom.
So yeah, I know I am rambling but chivalry is not dead. And men are not no good trifling dogs. Women are just messing up really bad. Many of us were taught self-respect from our parents but we seem to be pressured by some of our peers that our parents views are old fashioned. In order to get ANY WOMAN a man has to put in effort and as women we control how much effort a man should put in. However, since so many women have lowered the amount of effort needed, men notice this and realize they don’t need to put much work in the pursuit.
In addition, I would like to add this. 
Women you attract the type of man that is a reflection of yourself. If you want a good man be a good woman.