Who Wants To Be Normal?

Who wants to be Normal? 
You know, normal just like you
With that nice clean shirt on your back
And that rugged pair of shoes
Who wants to be normal? 
Who wants to have their hair neat all day? 
Who wants to eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner
Instead of snacking through the day?
Who wants to be normal?
Not this person here
I just want so much in life
I want to be eccentric to the vast majority of my peers
I’d rather be different
I would rather wake up at 2
And my first meal will be called Br-inner
And I wouldn’t wear tied shoes
I want to wear wrinkled shirts
And I don’t want to wear any shoes
I mean who wants to be normal?
If I will be just like you
Hair unkempt on my head
The biggest smile on my face
What’s the point of being normal
When you can be carefree and smile all day
The world would be my oyster
I would go by no one’s clock but my own
Being normal isn’t all its cracked up to be
Being normal means to society you conform
I’d rather be unconventional
I’d rather be just like me
Because whats the point of being Normal
If I have to change some pieces of me? 
Then walk this world as a drone