Who is holding you back?

There are troubles in life
There are lessons to be learned
Sometimes it seems like a losing batter
Sometimes life can be hard

Situations may not be the best
Our feelings may be hurt
But you have to decide if you will stand still
Or move forward….
Move forward and face what’s stopping you

At the end of the day
Who is stopping you?
Sure people can tell you that “You can’t”
But only you can decide if that is true or not

Look in mirror
That’s the person who can hold you back
That is the person whose own words can imprison them within the walls of their own flesh
That is the person who will determine how your life will turn out
That person is you

It’s crazy how we are our own best friend
We are our own motivator
We are our own pusher
And yet we can be our own downfall at times

Don’t let your fear hold you back
Don’t let your doubts prevent you from doing something
Don’t let your emotions get the best of you
Because at the end of the day
You might think others were holding you back
But the truth is..
It was all you…

You were scared
You were confused
You made an unwise decision and are trying to bounce back
You decided to do this
You decided to do that
It was all YOU
But things can get better
You can move forward
There is no one holding you back…..but you