What was I supposed to do?

I was young
What was I supposed to do?
I was learning about math
And simply tying my shoes
When out of no where
I’m approached by a group of three
And I said hello
But then one punched me
And in that instant, I was hurt and afraid
And my mind was still in a constant daze
But what am I to do?
So on the ground is where I stayed
And then they just walked away

They promised they would come the next day
And that promise they kept the very next day

What was I supposed to do?
I was just so dumb and still young too
I let them approach me again and the damage was done
I knew to brace myself for another punch
However, this time they decided to speak
And each word they spoke
Really cut me deep

“You are so ugly!”
“You are nothing at all!”
“Why do you exist!?”
The insults went on

And emotionally broken
I was scared to speak
But what am I to do?
I need to say something
But I’m just a geek
So in that place is where I stayed
And then they just walked away
and I knew they would come back another day….
Because they always come back the very next day……….

Each day I come home
I just try to smile
I can’t let you know
Everything that goes down
I get on the Internet
and all I see
Are pictures and statuses written about me
I can’t escape this torment!
I can’t have my life!
And then I wonder if this is my punishment for all that I didn’t do right….
I’m bullied by my peers
They won’t let me be
Be anyone at all..
I’m scared to be me….

Nothing I do can ever be right
Each day I am preparing for another fight
I can’t shed a tear because one tear will equal more
I can’t wait til the weekend!
I can’t take any more!

What was I supposed to do?
I was walking out of class and then I heard BOOM!
And on the floor I was down on my knees
Yes, they tripped me, but I pretended I tripped on my own feet
My current life is my personal hell
And soon in the background I hear the bell
I can’t wait to spend my weekend at home!
Where no one can taunt me because I’m all alone….

What was I supposed to do?
The bullying continued even after I left school
They passed pictures around
And called me names
Social media really drives me insane
I can’t escape this
What am I supposed to do?
I can’t tell you what is going on in and out of school
It’s just too much!
They won’t let me be!
I can’t be who I am!
They won’t accept me for me!!
Maybe this is my punishment
For all the wrongs in my life
For bothering dad….
For messing up my new bike…
Maybe I wasn’t meant to be happy
Maybe I’m not supposed to be in this life
I just don’t understand why?

I’m so sorry Mom….
For what I’m about to do…..
But what was I supposed to do??………………..

For more information about Bullying please check out the following link: Bullying Statistics