What are you Thankful for? 1

Today I woke up, and I was grateful. I got out of my bed and then continued to get ready for my day. Of course, I felt like I need more sleep and I dreaded the fact that I had to go to work as I was staggering to the restroom to get ready. I looked at my tired eyes and just wished I could have had a little more sleep….but I have to go to work. As I prepared to leave my apartment, I ate a quick breakfast and then I hit the road to go to work. Doesn’t it sound a lot like the morning of many people??..lol.

I have noticed lately that many say they wish their lives were better. I won’t lie, at times, I say this as well. But then I put things into perspective. I think about all of the things I should be happy for. I have a job, a roof over my head, and I have my life! Some people are struggling to find a job, some are homeless, and some did not wake up this morning. Be grateful!!!

So today, I would like to challenge you to think of all the things you are grateful for. So I ask you this: What are you thankful for?