Well runs dry

Dancing under the midnight moon
Laughing til the sun rise
Happiness seems all around you
Hope is in your eyes

Surrounded by so much love
The love that is showered upon you
Words may not be spoken
But you know they care for you

Kisses in the darkest hours
Someone to always hold your hand
Helping you with every struggle
In your mind having the future planned

In your sleep you are watched
But they look with love in their eyes
They pray for your happiness
And hopes that your love for them never dies

Full to the very top
Overrunning with emotion
Until one day that water is gone
And you are standing at the very bottom

Dances are gone and never take place
A void within your soul
Happiness is all around you
Yet your eyes they seem so cold

Surrounded by so much love
But none of that is showered on you
You lost the one who gave you their world
For they really cared about you

Kisses in the darkest hours
Only now happen in dreams
Yet still they wish you the best in life
Even though you are no longer seen

In your sleep you are watched
By the angels that were called down
To protect you in your toughest journeys
They were called upon by the one you let down

The well was full of love to the brim
Yet it didn’t make a sound
Now it is desolate hole
And the love cannot be found

To have a thirst for everlasting
To wish for what you dream to come true
I guess it takes the well to run dry
For you to appreciate what you lose

“Sometimes it takes losing one of the greatest people in the world to make you realize how much they indeed cared about you. Never lose those who love you…For if they truly love you, that love will last a lifetime.”
–Monica Renata