Weekly Challenge 5: List 25 Truths About Yourself

Hello all,

One week I challenged everyone to get to know themselves. However, this week I want you to write down 25 truths about yourself. This is basically telling 25 things about yourself that others may not know. I will start with mines:

1. At times I find myself to be overcritical. 
2. I think that I have some of the best friends in the world. 
3. I rarely give people the opportunity to get to know me……….like really
4. Many nights I stay up till about 2 in the morning to just write poems and stuff. I have hundreds of pages of stuff I have written.
5. I had a secret that I should have been proud of, yet it was the one thing that I felt made me feel ashamed. 
6. I really don’t like talking about myself so like 25 things to come up with is really really hard……
7. I always like to be surrounded by people………I am just a people person, plus I hate to be alone.
8. I absolutely despise when people use profanity….It is just so classless and pointless….some people just use certain words TOO much. 
9. I love love love Ludacris and all of his music. Ask me about something and I probably know the lyrics..lol
10. I hate going out on Friday nights. So when my sister would go out with her friends I would just sit in my room finding instrumentals on youtube and sing in the mirror……….lame I know
11. I love to shop at New York & Company and when I found out that my rewards card was registered under my twins email address I wanted to die!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
12. Whenever someone sends me a text and I reply with the statement “ok…………..” or “I guess…….” I am really disappointed, so don’t text me back with “what’s wrong? ” because I am so upset that I will just say “nothing”
13. I have a hard time trying to say what I really want to say at times……….
14. I love love songs………I just don’t know why
15. I hate confrontations…….
16. I do not like loud people. 
17. If I say I am playing the game I do not want any interruptions. Don’t call me and ask me what I am doing and get made when I rarely speak back.
18. If I get quite and shake my head, YOU ALREADY KNOW…LOL. 
19. I sometimes wish I had more girlfriends.
20.One of the greatest friends I ever met was actually my myspace buddy who I met in real life. 
21. I love my job. 
22. I love the outdoors very very much. 
23.2008…..well the second half of it, was the best time in my life thus far. I found out so much about myself and what I like and dislike. But most importantly, I realized that sometimes making myself happy is most important!
24. When I was little my twin pulled the fire alarm in Winn-Dixie and everyone ran out of the store…..My mom fussed and whipped me because she said only I would do something crazy like that.sad huh? 
25. I really like to go to the park and feed the ducks. I know its lame, and I know that so many people think that only old people do it…….but I absolutely love doing it. I like seeing the little ducks fight over one piece of bread…yep yep.