Weekly Challenge 10: Accomplish Something

Hello everyone!!!

I hope you are all having a great time. I will finally start up with my weekly challenges again. 🙂 

This week I would like you to take the time to accomplish something. Think about something that you want to do. How long have you wanted to accomplish it? Have you ever tried to make it happen? 

At times, we say that we want to do many things, however, we do not put in the effort to make it happen. I know I have been like this many times. I said I wanted something, and I wished and prayed about it, however, I did not put in any effort. I now know that I must put in effort if I want to accomplish anything……..

And guess what!!!?? I finally accomplished it. 🙂

Never be afraid to go after what you want! 

And remember, 
Everything is impossible if you do not attempt to take the first step!!!!

-Monica Renata