Waiting For Others to Hold My Hand

Waiting For Others to Hold My Hand
By : Monica Renata
I use to be afraid
Of the many tasks at hand
I shouted and complained
Because others wouldn’t hold my hand
I wanted to venture forward
But in the end I would always stop
I wanted to accomplish my tasks
Yet alone I felt I could not
A burning fiery desire
Enclosed within my chest
In my mind I felt I can do anything
I believe that I have time left
However, there are many things that I want to do
Yet it is confidence that I lack
So instead I wait for others to come
While my dreams I decide to push back
But one day I shall wake up
And I will finally be able to see
That while I waited for someone to hold my hand
Time never waited for me
Long has past my days of youth
My life is fading away fast
I have goals I have never reached
Yet I have more excuses than fingers on my hand
The agony of defeat
Oh how I have wasted my time
I should have lived how I wanted to live
Instead of waiting for others to hold my hand
“Sometimes you have to live life according to your time schedule and stop “waiting” for others to show up. It is better to do things alone at times, than to not do them at all.” – Monica Renata

Monica Renata 
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