Unattainable 1

I can see it right in front of me

Like a mountain in front my face


I can feel the presence of your flesh

Yet you still won’t take the bait


I want you more than I may want

A prize that is at the fair


I want you to notice me

But it is evident that you don’t care


To want and to never receive

To wish and hope and dream

To obtain the unattainable

You would have to pay attention to me


I can see you ever single day

Yet I will always be afraid to speak


I’m not sure if you are interested

And I’ll never know for I am too meek


I will always wonder

Perhaps even wonder in my sleep


I will wish for the unattainable

Yet will always wish because I’m afraid to speak


“You will never get what you want if you are afraid to go out and get it. Everything is unattainable if you are afraid to try” -Monica Renata