Turned The Page

I turned the page this morning
While you were standing there
I felt the chills radiate from your spine
I felt your overwhelming sense of care

I turned the page this morning
As I told you I would soon do
But you stand there like a bookmark
That does not want to be removed

An epic love story
One that lasted for a while
You were there through all of my tears
You were the one who made me smile

But this chapter needs to end
No matter how calm and sweet
For life can’t stand still for both of us
This story we must retreat

So I’ll turn the page this morning
Like I told you I would always do
Capacity for our love is overfilled
And we must each start a chapter anew

“Sometimes in order to move forward in life, you must leave an old situation. For a love that’s new can not grow, if you are still stuck in the past.” -Monica Renata