For years I used to enjoy tug-of-war
For I thought it was unique
But after growing older
I found out that the victory wasn’t so sweet

I question what is the point
Of bloodying your hands
In hopes of winning a battle
That just pulls you across some land

What are you really winning?
It is just a coarse rope!?
There is no magical thing that happens!
It seems like all a big joke

But now that I am older
Someone wants to play this game
And in my head I’m thinking
They have to be insane

What’s the point of trying so hard
To get you on my side
When each time I pull harder
I can feel a piece of you die

And each time that you grip tighter
You kill a piece of me
For I can’t go any longer
And a sunnier tomorrow I can’t see

We fighting to stay together
Yet we are pulling so hard that we drifting apart
For in this game  tug-of-war
It seems we both have lost