Trust: Loyalty Is Hard To Find

You drain me

Of the lifeforce that God has given me

The essence that makes me smile

The embodiment of joy within

You drain me


You rob me of my words

And force silence upon me

Because to you what I say doesn’t matter

And what you believe is considered actualities


You rob me

Of the joyful spirit I have for years yearned for

The beautiful butterfly that finally can fly

The jubilant dove on the clouds of serenity

You rob me


My peace

My happiness



Loyalty questioned daily

When I know what loyalty is

When loyalty is something that I have held close to my heart

For so long that it had the ability of crushing my heart

Because loyalty enabled me to stay loyal so long

To the wrong one


Trust is easy to lose

Especially when you break trust to disprove loyalty

Loyalty which is fabricated in your mind

But means everything to me

Trust is easy to lose


You drain me

You rob me

I am at a lost

I don’t know what to do


To stay whole would be ideal

But then again to stay here means I shall become a chiseled statue of my former self

Still happy

But not as happy as I was before

Yet can something that isn’t whole

Be beautiful to you?


Actions speak louder than words

And loyalty is hard to find

Insecurity can lead to trust being easily lost

And if it is lost, why try?