Trust In Me

In God I trust
this is true
But my trust has been shattered
And it’s not because of you
To give you a chance
I really want to
But doubt clouds my mind
And hinders you

You see trust has been given
From me of course
I was milked of my innocence
Then discarded like dirt
To reap a love that I thought I’d never have
To turn out to be something I never had

I’m all f**ked up

I like and then I pull away
So afraid of the past and my dumb mistakes
You know those memories of the bad
I’m scared they might come back
And you will just be the new main character
and the story’s the same as the last

Love given and then love taken away
I have feelings of happiness
Then feelings of disdain
I give my all
And still it isn’t enough
So instead of trying
I consume myself with work

You see
In God I trust
This is so true
But what I fear is man
And that is you
You could abandon me in purgatory
You could rob me of my peace
But you always say "You should trust me"

But what good is trust
To give to a man
When so many proven themselves unworthy
Over and Over again
Robbed me of my joys
Robbed me of my peace
Then get upset when I say I only trust God and M-E

But they aren’t all to blame
I made mistakes too
Disregarded red flags that was as bright as the sky is blue
I shrugged my shoulders
I batted my eyes
I said "Men will be men"
And then when men were men I cried

I’m all f**ked up
And that’s plain to see
I will always be doubtful
Until I finally open up to truly see
So sad a journey
But hopefully everyone sees
This is what happens when one decides to cheat