The crowd is cheering on fiercely
Sweat is dripping down my neck
I am sitting in the corner
Knowing soon I have to go back

They throw me a bottle of water
And also a small towel too
“Are you ready kid?”
They ask me
And to smile is all I can do

My opponent is so ready
I can see the smirk on their face
They want to bring me down to the ground
My courage they want to break

I am sitting in the corner
Knowing soon I have to go back
I finally come to my feet
I finally prepared for what comes next

Their punches weight down on me
The only thing I’m hitting is air
My coach is screaming loud for me
But I can’t see anyone there

The crowd is yelling for my demise
Strength I no longer have left
I take another hit
then fall to the ground
The fight in me has left

“Get up! Get up! Get up!”
They say
Now the crowd is cheering profusely
So I think I have them on my side
And I find the strength to rise up smoothly

But as I’m finally up to my feet
I hear the cheers go away
They are now screaming for my opponent again
“Finish him!”
I heard someone say

And in that moment I lost all hope
Cause it seemed like no one was for me
And the next punch that was delivered was like lighting
That struck me down like a tree

And in that moment the cheers finally stopped
No one was cheering for me
I lay there on the cold hard ground
While someone counted to 3

Why did I let my strength come from those I didn’t know?
Why didn’t I at least believe in myself whenever I first hit the floor?
The world can try to break you down
And there will be countless times you fall to the floor
Don’t let life beat you up so bad
You really need to wake up and see
That you have the strength to do anything in life
So don’t let life beat you up so bad
Unless you want to be TKO’ed like me

“No matter how hard life knocks you down you have to be strong enough to get back up. ” -Monica Renata