Time Waits

Time Waits 
By: Monica Renata
They say time waits for no man
Yet I think that is not true
For time always waits for me
While I am waiting for you
In the frigid storms of winter
In the sea which is overcome by powerful waves
I feel time freeze for an everlasting moment
Whenever I see your face
And in that moment I realize that I have loved
Like I never loved before
The coldness we once encountered doesn’t seem so cold anymore
The waves have finally stopped and I can finally walk through
Walk through my sea of emotions
So that I can get close to you
They say time waits for no man….
Yet I slightly disagree
For every time I see your face
I feel as if this is our first meet
Such a beautiful spirit
Such a extraordinary soul
Time will wait for us to get it right

And our love shall never grow old