Time: How much do you really have?

How many times have we said we just “don’t have the time”???
In each day there are 24 hours, within those 24 hours are 1440 minutes, and within those minutes are 86,400 seconds….. Seems like a lot, doesn’t it? 
Each day we wake up to take on the world. We go out there and do what we have to do in order to make it to the next day. At times, your day can seem so hectic and you just wish some of your time away. For example, how many times have you been sitting at work and just praying silently in your head that the end of the day would come soon so you can just go home and relax? 
It’s amazing how we say time is so precious and valuable…yet we actually don’t value it at all. We play around it and expect it to mold around our lives, but the truth is, time stops for no one
Everyone has a small doomsday clock above their heads that we all ignore. We neglect the fact that each day of life brings us closer to death. We forget that soon others presence will be no longer. We forget that we should embrace each moment as if it were our last…Instead; we push things to the side. We say they are not important at the moment. We say we have time to take care of all these things……..And when we don’t take care of these things we blame time. We say we didn’t have enough of it. We say it moves too fast. We say I wish I was given more time
We don’t look at ourselves. We don’t see how wasteful we are of something so precious. In any given day a person can update their Facebook status, post photos on Instagram, play games, and watch hours of TV but swear they didn’t have time for other things in life….
To pick up the phone and call someone just to say hello
To hug a family member and tell them how much you love them
To help your fellow man and encourage others in life
To open your mind and see things through new eyes
Small things, that many of us swear we have no time for…………..
In each day there are 24 hours, within those 24 hours are 1440 minutes, and within those minutes are 86,400 seconds….. It may seem like a lot, but it actually isn’t. Time is one of the few things in life we can’t get back once it is used. Each day is something special. Each day is a day in which you should take advantage of every second and do positive things with your life. Don’t fool around with idle tasks that do nothing for you. Open your eyes and see the beauty that surrounds you and appreciate it. Don’t let someone’s clock expire before you actually realize how much they mean to you.
Take time to tell people you love them, and make every second of your life count!!
Have a great day!!!
Monica Renata

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