They Said

They said I couldn’t do it
I said I disagree
They said it wasn’t worth it
But it means so much to me
They said there is no use in trying
I said I should try at the very least
They said chasing dreams is foolish
I said, “Well a fool I shall be”

So many people try to cut you down
So many people don’t believe
That you are capable of many things
You are capable of being anything you wish to be
So many people 
So many opinions
But the only one that matters is yours
Go out and do what you want to do 
Set your goals and try to do so much more!

They said I couldn’t do it
Well I’m doing it now
They said it wasn’t worth it
But I have found fulfillment somehow
They said there was no use in trying
But I’m happy that I at least tried
They said chasing dreams was foolish
But I’m living my dream right now!

Don’t get discouraged
By the negative things people say
Just use it as motivation 
To push through each day
Never shed a single tear over the doubts and thoughts of your friends 

For they will finally believe you
But it will take some time
They will believe in you when they see things happen
Then they will bat their eyes

When all your dreams are reality
When you accomplished what you seeked
When they realize that because they didn’t believe in you
They pushed you to succeed

They said so many things
I remember this so well
But I now appreciate what they said
Because it has helped me to excel