The world

The world is such a beautiful place
Yet we can’t really see
What the world has in store for us
What we really want to be

Constantly pushed down by others
Refusing to get up after the fall
We continue to beat ourselves up constantly
We can’t see that there is a tomorrow

Overwhelmed by constant guilt
Guilt of attempts that were not taken
Yet this cycle repeats itself
And who are we constantly blaming?

We blame the world for everything
We blame it for what is bad
But the world is made up of many things
And  you hold your world in your hands

Don’t blame the world for your problems
Don’t blame the world for your falls
At the end of the day you control what happens
Just rise up when you fall

The world is a beautiful place
The world is where it all happens
And you make up your own little world
so don’t blame the world for your actions