The Winter March

On the cold steps I said goodbye
As the wind blew through my hair
And I felt my tears freeze up
Because of the winter air
And in that moment
I felt my heart sink
Sink to the deepest low it could go
And I knew I wouldn’t see you again
Even though I wanted to see you so

As my feet finally moved forward
I tried hard not to cry
And I remember looking into the sky
And screaming “Why God!” in my mind
My hands started getting colder
As I walked closer to the street
I knew this would be my last time following you
This moment is so bittersweet

I walk and walk and walk
And my feet begin to get numb
Just like how I’m feeling emotionally
I can’t be warmed by the morning sun
And I look at that nicely dug patch
And I can’t even speak
I never imaged that you would leave
Or ever be separated from me

On this cold winter day I said goodbye
As the wind blew through my hair
I tried hard not to cry
I don’t want to believe you are in there
I never thought that this would be a day I would ever see
The day you are laying inside your coffin
Resting in eternal sleep