The Weight

We all want to make progress in life..
We want to move forward and accomplish the things that we have dreamed about….

If you have a goal, you can accomplish it. All goals are alike. Whether they are big or small they all start with that first step. You have to be willing to take a leap of faith and go against your fears and take the first step in accomplishing your goal. That is the only way you can make progress. And continually making progress can deem a lifetime of results.


The Weight
Skeleton is overwhelmed
Body filled with fat
Can’t blame anyone
For motivation that is lacked
Food is plentiful in the land
Yet you choose what you eat
Sure fast food is available
And veggies are not cheap
Make a conscious effort
try to increase your life
Release all of your frustrations
Get some exercise
Those burgers and those milkshakes
Won’t completely go away
So lay off of them for a couple of months
Learn how to moderate
Skeleton was overwhelmed
Body filled with fat
I didn’t blame anyone 
For the motivation that I lacked
Food is all around
Yet I have to decide what I will eat
I will try to eat some healthy meals
Even though burgers are so cheap
I have to make a conscious effort
To continually increase my quality of life
I blow off steam daily
simply by getting some exercise
Those burgers and those milkshakes
Did not go away
I laid off of them for a couple of months
And carefully watched what I ate
Progress didn’t started immediately
but it started with the choices I would make
Sure I didn’t see results quickly
But after months the weight started to melt away
Be persistent and you will reach you goal
Be consistent you will keep it
You can do anything that you want to do
If in your heart you believe it