The Unnoticed Bloom

The Unnoticed Bloom
By: Monica Renata
Today the flowers bloomed
But you didn’t even notice
Their fluorescent smell crossed the meadow
Yet your nose didn’t even notice
They were so beautiful and also bright
But your eyes could not see
You were surrounded by endless beauty
But your heart wouldn’t let you see
To be surrounded by such greatness
But inside filled with grief
Happiness is overshadowed
By the darkness which is inside deep
Deep within your battered soul
Deep within your heart
You can’t see the joy around you
If you house hate in your heart
Good days are bound to happen
And so are bad days as well
But it is up to you to decide
Which days will overwhelm
To hold on to something that brings you down
Makes no sense at all
For if you continue to carry that weight
You will never rise after each fall
Today the flowers bloomed
I wish that you could see
Their fluorescent smell crossed the meadow
I wish you could smell those flowers with me
They were so beautiful and also bright
You would enjoy this sight indeed
To be surrounded by endless beauty
You need to open up your heart and let it see

Don’t let disappointments in your life get you down. If you hang on to all the negativity in your life, you will never be able to rise above it. Stay positive and know that each day is a new day to do better.” – Monica Renata