The Undervalued Crusader


Standing in your shadow

On the side of your umbrella when it rains

Drenched by the rain that falls

But you will not share your umbrella

Because you wish them to go away


In the empty stands before you

Even at the practice field with you each day

Sun glaring as they watch intensely

Viewing the disgust on your face

Yet they still stay


The day you finally make it

This person comes to you and says they are proud

You look straight past them

They are nothing to you

And walk to your friends with a smile


But one day they will walk away too

Their effort will just die

Because they will question incessantly

Why support someone

Who views you as poison to their eyes


And when that day finally comes

That will be the day that you truly see

That sometimes the ones who supported you the most

Are but strangers

And not the few friends that you keep


So I pray that you open your eyes

And see the crusaders before you

For sometimes the ones pushing you forward in life

Are the ones you barely  know

And who are also undervalued by you


They believed in you

Even when some of your friends did not

So appreciate your supporters

And thank them

Because sometimes they are all you got


“Sometimes the ones who support you the most are the people who are not closest to you. Always be kind to these individuals because if they are taken for granted you may see that  how many truly support you  are less than you though.” -Monica Renata


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