The Tears of the Willow

Sometimes my mind wanders
And then I begin to cry
And my mind is consumed with thoughts
And I end up asking why
My heart starts to beat faster
And then my breath seems to go slow
My palms get sweaty
And then I walk out the door
I look at all the trees
I feel the cool air on my skin
But I cannot escape one thing
That is the wrath deep within
My skin starts to get hot
My stomach begins to cramp
I am doing so much thinking
That I feel like I am killing myself
I look forward and see everything
Yet I cannot take everything in
Something is happening within my mind
And I keep reliving a moment again and again
I love you……..
I think to myself
But I know it doesn’t matter
I always stuck by your side
No matter what happened
But what is love when you feel so bad
What is a feeling that isn’t returned?
I work myself up for disappointment
Yet I always return
I would say you have me hooked on you
But I haven’t a clue
I know I care about you
But do I care about myself too?
The air seems so calm out side
And I sit under the tree
I feel something wet on my face
Something I thought came from the tree
But how can this be??
It is sunny outside
Rain can’t come today
But the weeping willow is crying
And I think it is crying for me today

Monica Renata 
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The Awkward Butterfly: