The Sun Can’t Shine the Same

The Sun Can’t Shine the Same
By: Monica Renata
Today it was 90 degrees
Sweat dripped down my neck
The children played outside happily
While adults decided to suntan and relax on their decks
The water was so sparkling blue
Just like the blue sky in which the birds soar
The flowers smelled so bittersweet
A smell that makes you yearn for more
A beautiful day to say the least
Yet I am surprised this day came
For even though it is joyous outside
I know the sun can’t shine the same
To have the heat that once radiated
Turn into something cold
Flesh that was lively with color
Can now only been seen in the words of stories told
The brightest light I ever had
The light that let me see
Through the darkest of dark places
That light that had never failed me
But in an instant that light stopped
And that glow decided to cease
And with that soul lost
My world lost a masterpiece
Now in the sunniest of days
I realize that time is short
I love unconditionally
I no longer treat feelings like an ugly wart
I use to bask in the sun all day
And never appreciated that it was there
On the stormiest days when it’s presence was gone
I pretended that I didn’t care
But to lose it forever
I never thought this would be
So while the sun still shines for others
I know the sun can’t shine the same for me
“To dwell in my own memories….. To now wish for what I always had….. To want to reach for someone.….. To know that they aren’t there…… Appreciate the loved ones in your life. Don’t wait til it is too late to realize how important someone is to you.” –Monica Renata
Monica Renata 
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