The Ship

Beautifully made
And wonderfully created
The greatest ship sailing the seas
Across many different waters
This ship shall continue to sail
Even though its unknown of the path it continues to seek

It sails through the moon and the sunlight
It also sails through the rain
Always staying strong and firm
So beautifully and wonderfully made

There is always a fear that it will sink
But this fear holds the ship back none
For life is full of chances 
Positive and negative ones

And the only time the negative things affect you
Is when you give them a chance
For if you don’t let negativity in
You will continue to sail

See people are a lot like ships
They change direction sometimes with the wind
But usually when they are in a determined path
They do whatever it takes
Whatever it takes to let them get there
Whatever it takes to make sure everyone is safe
Sailing smoothly through life
And encountering thunderstorms along the way

But all in all they survive it all
Because of their will to live
However sometimes people let negative thoughts conjure within their head
And these negative thoughts become a part of you
And they open you up to the world
And then you let the words of others flow through you like water from that sea would
And then you become heavy
So heavy you begin to sink
And at that moment you are panicking
But you try to fix the leak
For people are just like ships you know
Beautifully and wonderfully made
They are constantly something negative around
Like the water to the ship in the sea

But an entire body of water can’t sink a ship
unless water gets inside
And when that water slowly creeps in 
you can usually find a fix in time
But if you don’t fix it soon
And let the negatives fester and swell
The water will continue to gather
And your ship will soon sink instead of sail

But at the end of the day I just want you to know
That no matter what you go through
Negativity in this world can only bring you down 
If you allow it inside of you
Sure it can  surround you at times
But you can and must prevail
Be the ship that sails the seas through the sunny days and the storms
And don’t let the negatives in life bother you
Don’t let the wind constantly sway you too
For you are the ship  that is sailing through life
so to your path, always stay true
And don’t dwell on all the negatives constantly coming your way
Just continue on with your life
For you shall sail another day