The Seed 1

A smile… A smile is a universal sign of happiness. It implies that everything is going right and life is a breeze. But sometimes a smile can hide the true feelings of a person…. -Monica R. Williams

A simple smirk
It comes across your face
And then I hear a giggle
You are amused by what you see
Who knew happiness could come from so little

Your lips open up 
And revel those teeth
and your eyes grow larger
You are entertained by my words
You wish this day would never be over

The world is a beautiful place
You have to open your eyes to see
There is no need for you to pout
You can be all that you can be!
Take the time to analyze yourself
Come up with some goals
You have so much life in you right now
Don’t regret wasting it when you get old
Smile and enjoy your life
Don’t let rainy days get you down
Just try to be like the little seed
That attempts to grow from the ground

Sometimes reaching your sunniest days
Takes a lot of work
You have to sometimes start at the darkest place
And continually work your way up
And sometimes those above you
Won’t shed a tear at all
They will see you struggle
And then  your tear drops will fall
but those tears will make you stronger
And then you will continue to grow
And you have to remember to keep pushing
Cause you still have a way to go
Even in the good times
You can’t lose sight of where you want to be
Keep pushing for the sunshine
And eventually you will be as tall as a tree