The Secret 1

I have a little secret
That no one else shall know
It tickles my insides
And make me smile and glow

It’s a secret that is so visible
Yet so many cannot see
It radiates with the brightest light
Like the light that peaks over the trees

My secret is so big
Yet it can also be considered small
For many may value it slightly
While others may not value it at all

I have a little secret
And it is that I love me
For the greatest gift I ever received
Was the gift of fully understanding me

I love myself
I love my life
I love the people too
And when my skies are constantly gray
I know that one day it will turn back blue

I have accepted myself for who I am
And I won’t dwell on who I am not
And although this is unknown to others
To me it means a lot

I have a little secret
And I’m pretty sure that you do too
Because sometimes how we really feel
Is covered by what we do
We give the public what they want
We give them what they want to see
And sometimes the greatest costume we ever wear
Is the one that overshadows who we really should be