The Rock

You will never know what love truly is until you fully love yourself.…. – Monica Renata

Love. We all want it. Many of us search for a lifetime to find it, but do we really know what it is? I have felt as though I have loved before, but was that true? To find beauty within a rock that has been weathered by so many storms…..That beautiful rock which is you. Take time to discover what makes you special….. Take the time to love yourself fully. Love yourself more than you thought you could ever be loved……..and then when another love crosses your path, you will know if it is worth putting your heart at risk.

The Rock
By: Monica Renata
To place it on a pedestal
To bow before its feet
Seems like an uninspiring thing
Its importance is of the least
It is just so plain and shallow
It stays the same each time
No one wants to marvel the rock
That is not hard to find
Reflection seen every day
Yet it does not mean much
A rock that has been weathered by many storms
Yet never felt that touch
That touch of love that bursts within
That radiates from sea to sea
The acceptance of the realization
That that rock is me
So what is there to like about it?
Yet, what is there to hide?
Constantly questioning my own value
Constantly wondering why
Why am I important?
Why do I have value today?
What makes me so special?
What makes people in my life stay?
Always doubting the beauty within
Yet believing all the negative hype
But today I decide to cast away
The negativity associated with the rock
Beautiful in its own way
It has such a marvelous hue
Its endurance is never-ending
Its strength is unparalleled too
The gracefulness to tap dance on water
The weight to sink deep down
The malleability to forge into a weapon
The ability to survive time after time
Weathered by many storms
So many times cast into the sea
Yet I returned to land each time
Smoothened out by harsh conditions around me
And for that I love myself more
I realize the strength within me
I learn to love myself regardless
Of what others may think of me
To place it on a pedestal
To bow before its feet
Seems like an uninspiring thing
Its importance is of the least
But the value of some great things
Aren’t always seen
But love from within is priceless
And it will never leave
So love yourself undoubtedly
Appreciate all the flaws within
Never doubt your own existence
Know your value from within
Love yourself so truly
Even if others may not
For you are a valuable person
Just like the almighty rock

Monica Renata 
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