The Remedy Is Me

Ten Fingers
Ten Toes
Two Eyes
One Nose
All a part of me
Help me navigate, smell, and see
One mouth 
To voice my opinions
And to finally express my self
One brain to give me the ability
To think critically and apply myself
One heart
To keep me moving
That’s what composes me
But subtracting these things
Make me no longer be
One heart
Broken a thousand times
One brain to gather my thoughts
One mouth to express how I truly feel
But I won’t say a word
One nose that sniffles so much
Two eyes that shed so many tears
Ten toes that want to walk away
Ten fingers that express how I feel
Typing, Typing, Typing away
Writing down my words
Trying to execute how I feel 
Make my silent words be heard
The best coping mechanism
The best medicine to seek
For my greatest disease is withholding my emotions
But the only remedy is me