The Realization 1

This is a realization I came to long ago. I truly believe others need to realize this as well. -Monica
So, I have come to a realization
Money cannot grant anyone true happiness
True happiness is only obtained when one realizes that the reflection in the mirror is to be loved
Once you can love that reflection, then you are able to love others
For quite some time I despised the reflection in the mirror
The shape of her nose, the color of her skin, she seemed to have so many imperfections
I really hated her, but now I realize that in doing so I only hated myself
My reflection makes me happy
And although it may sound conceited
It is truly not indeed
My reflection not only shows the remnants of physical beauty
But inside lies a person who has purpose in this world
A person who will change the world
A person who has the ability to evoke a positive change
I see me
I love me
And no one can ever change that again