The Rain 1

It rained Tuesday
but no one noticed
only she could see

It was pouring outside
yet no one was drenched
no one but she

When it rains, it pours
and clouds turn dark
as dark as the snow is white

her whirlwind of emotions circle endlessly
until it finally travels out of sight

The sun seems to shine briefly
yet it quickly goes away

Because the sunshine represents happiness
And happy she really ain’t

Just make her smile a little
and the sun will come out and play
However make her unhappy
and it will storm all day

Give her a reason to smile
Give her a reason to sing

Because she hates this never ending storm
And she wishes she could see

See the better part of the world
See the part You claim to see

But all she sees is the person
everyone wants her to be

She is such a FAKE
she is such a LIAR

This is plain to see
But can anyone see her invisible cries
which seem to overwhelm she