The Psychic

She asked to look at  my hand
And she could tell me then
Tell me all about my future
Tell me about the past back then
I could tell she was being serious
By the look within her eyes
On the cold streets of New Orleans
I sat amongst her side
She said, “Child you have felt pain lately?”
And I said, “No indeed”
She then asked “Did you lose someone?”
And I said “That is clearly news to me!”
See I won’t believe the hype about this
Even though she sounds convincing too
Because no one really knows my past
And I feel like they can’t know my future too
But as I am trying to leave
She pulls my hand and says “Child stay now!”
And I look at her with a crazed look
I can’t believe what is going down
And then all the people on that New Orleans street
Quickly fade away
And the only person who remains
Is a man all dressed in grey
The old woman says, “Be easy my child
For that is the man!
The man who can ruin it all”
And then she lets go of my hand
And soon the world returns 
To everything I once knew
The people are there
The music is there
Even the psychic too
I quickly give her a 20
And then walk away
I can’t believe I wasted my hard earned cash
On something not so great
And then as I am walking
I notice a taxicab driver stop
He says, “Good day my lady, where would you like to be dropped off tonight?”
And in that very moment
I feel chills all down my spine
For he is the man dressed in grey
Then I wonder if it is my time
I tell him “No Thank You”
And then I get quickly on my way
And I wonder if the psychic was right
Or was it all just fake
Hours pass throughout the day
Tick Tock goes the clock
And then I heard on the news
Passengers in a cab have been shot…….