The Path to Victory

The Path to Victory
By: Monica Renata
Tomorrow is another day
A day to put my feet back on the grass
I can’t let the past losses disappoint me
I have to keep that in the past
Tomorrow is another day
In which I will continue to train
I have to keep getting better
Even if it means practicing in the storming rain
Tomorrow is another day
A day in which victory is close
For each day I give my all
I am placing fear in my foes
Work hard each day
Play harder on the field of life
Crushing all those against me
Victory is within sight
Tomorrow is another day
I said this long ago
And now I stand so much stronger
Than I have ever been before
The time is now that I face my fate
I smell triumph in the air
The path to victory I have taken
And it has lead me here

The key to winning is positivity and believing in yourself. If you believe that you can conquer your world, then you are half ways there.” –Monica Renata