The News

Every morning I wake up
I quickly turn on the news
And every single morning
I hear of another life gone too soon

I close my eyes and pray
I say, “God please make this stop”
But upon the next morning
I hear another person has been shot

What kind of world do we live in?
Why are people so quick to take a life?
It seems like there is no reason to speak up
Because the killers always think they are right

Each day we are losing mothers and fathers and also children too
But sometimes people won’t fully understand
Until it happens to you

Imagine just having a great conversation
With someone who wants to change their life
They say all of the things they are doing
In order to keep their children in their life
But then the next morning
You hear that they were blown away
And you want to cry
But you can’t
So you get on your knees and pray
Why did this have to happen?
Another life gone too soon
I wish all the violence would stop
I wish it would stop soon

It hurts a lot
But what can you do even though you have fear in your heart
You only have a voice
And with that you don’t know where to start

But that voice you have inside of you can be a powerful thing
If you decide to use it in a fight you can stop all sorts of things
Speak to others about violence
Tell them how it is wrong
Reach out to the kids in your community
So they don’t grow up killing their own
Make people wake up
and make people see
It could be your mother or even your child
Who is next laying in the street

We all want a better world
But that better world starts with you
Just stand up for what you believe in
And don’t be afraid to speak the truth
We are all afraid of violence
That is evident to see
But we can’t do anything about it
If you are afraid to speak