The Little Girl Who Believed 1

I can do this!
I can do this!
All I have to do is try!
You could look into this little girls eyes
And tell she wanted a prize
Can you see this?
I can do this!
All I have to do is try!
She was really passionate about her work
And no one could deny
Give me the chance!
And I will prove that I can!
Just give me one chance please!
Yet every time she begged for it
She would never get the chance
Please Please Please!
Let me try!
Just Give me one chance!
She always seemed to be adamant about her views
She only wanted a chance
Give me a chance
That is all I wanted
I wanted someone to see
That if given the opportunity
I could be all that I could be
Everything I have ever earned
I had to work two times five times
Because even the ones who believed in me
Always had to deny
Deny my willpower
Deny my energy
They said I was wasting my time
They questioned why I was trying to be
Someone who I was not
But the funny thing is
If I was given the chance
I could work towards a better me
And then I could prove to them
I could be who I wanted to be
I could have developed as a person early on
And not put down on the spot
I would have been better at speaking
I would have had experience doing what I love
I would have experienced a lot
Instead they didnt believe in me
And I moving on
I cant fault them for what they have done
Because now I am strong
I have grown up to realize
That I could be anyone I want to be
And if I am never given the opportunity
I can open the door myself for me
I will find my true calling
I will rise over the word NO
Because I know that I can prosper
And I can do things on my own
That little girl who believed
Still resides in me
But now instead of believing
She can now fully see
She opened up her eyes
She helps all in need
Because she believes that one day
There will be people who help those who too believe