The Letter

Tear my flesh upon my back
Set a fire to my bones
Silence the words of my wisdom
I am now emotionally cold
Cold as the wind that blows on the cold November day
Pounding on my soul that wishes to see the light of day
Calm within the storm
I so decided to wait
For you to read my letter
And finally know what I have to say
Reading my every word
Words which came from my soul
I wanted you to feel what I felt
But I guess your heart is cold
Tearing up my letter
I feel each rip go down my back
Burning up the pieces
I can feel the fire burning up to my neck
Silenced are the words I wrote
They no longer mean a thing
On that cold November day
You decided to silence all words from me
Ashes lie before us both
A pile of powdery substance on the floor
And soon a draft blows them away
I guess now my soulful words are no more
Monica Renata 
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