The Letter: You’re Going To Love Me When It’s Too Late

You’re going to love me when it’s too late

To: Someone I Love



I asked for hugs each time I saw you

Yet you said that was asking for too much

I wanted to kiss your lips daily

Even though to me daily wasn’t enough


I wanted to hear your voice often

Yet you would always say

“Not today, I’m busy”

“Perhaps another day”


I wanted to lay on your chest

Just to hear how your heart beats

I wanted to make you smile

Even if you weren’t near me


I asked for you to send me pictures

Each time you went away

I always tried to encourage you

Because I truly believe in better days


In each second that my heart beat

A piece of it would beat for you

For I cared about your life

I wanted all of your dreams to come true


But in my clouds of worry

I sometimes forgot to worry about one thing

I forgot to take care of the person who’s caring

The person that is me


And now the tables have turned

And the past you seem to have forgot

For you hug me each time you see me

And your kisses do not stop


You call me constantly daily

Just to sometimes hear me breathe

But when my love was overflowing

You were nowhere to be seen


You’re going to love me when it’s too late

I can see it in your eyes

Your heart grows more and more daily

While my heart crumbles and dies


Each breathe takes me closer

To a place you don’t want me to go

You lay by my chest to hear my heartbeat

For you know that soon it will be no more



Now just imagine if I held this letter

Until I knew it was the last of my days

Imagine if I kept these words inside

And never said a thing


You see life is short yet beautiful

You have to appreciate everything

And despite the lack of “I love you” you say

I will always say it abundantly


You’re going to love me when it’s too late

That can be a possibility

But I’m giving you this letter today

So I can open your eyes so you can see


Love the ones who love you daily

Don’t forget to make some time

Speak freely what is in your heart

Love people while they are alive


For if you forget about others

These words will ring so true

You’re going to miss me when I’m gone

And finally love me when it’s too late too