The Last Kiss

A kiss
Something that can mean so little
Yet also mean the most
I sit down and I wonder
I ponder what it would be like
For they are the object of my desire
Yet, I am afraid
I am afraid to make a move because I am doubtful
But I wonder
Could this be it…..
Could this be the first kiss that turns into the last kiss of my life
Could this person be the one to open my eyes to a new world I have yet to encounter

I never encountered a love like this
You are the my first and my last kiss
Emotion so raw and yet so true
All of my emotions that I have for you
Two souls connecting 
Dancing lightly in air
I can feel it in my heart
Because in my heart you are there
So unbelievable 
I never thought it to be true
Two souls intertwined 
As lovers do
Flesh touches flesh
And bodies unite
You grab me softly
I don’t want to leave from your sight
Kiss me so passionately 
Like true loves do
My first
My last
Will always be you