The Kindest Ones

The kindest ones are gentle
The kindest ones are sweet
They give without thinking
And sorrow they should experience the least

But to a world where selfishness is praised
Many cannot see
That the kindest heart goes through battles
Which they may always face defeat

It is always the kindest ones
That feels the hurt the most
They care so much for everyone
Yet when they are in need no one is close

It is always the kindest ones
Who never truly say how they feel
They listen to everyone else’s problems
Yet their problems fall on deaf ears

It is always the kindest ones
That we sometimes forget
Yet, they are people just like me and you
But we see them only for what we may get

To burst with kindness from within
And live in a world full of sin and deceit
The kindest ones are a blessing
Yet so many just refuse to see

“Never take advantage of a kind person. Never be one of the many who constantly let them down. Cherish them for who they are and never let them leave your life…for they are very hard to find….” – Monica Renata