The Key Doesn’t Fit

The key doesn’t fit

Yet I try anyways

Holding it in my hand tightly

Turning with all my strength


I want to reach the contents

I want to reach what is inside

I want you to let me in

I want you to let the hurt die


The key I have doesn’t fit

Even though everything else seems to be a match

Off by a single groove

The one groove I’ll never have


I can’t give you what you want

I can’t make you see what I see

I can’t produce the key of trust

For that key resides in you, and not me



“Sometimes no matter what you do, you cannot get someone to trust you if they are not willing to trust anyone at all. The truth is, trust may be the key to their heart but that key is held within themselves and they refuse to entrust others with it and by doing so they will never let anyone truly in.” –Monica Renata