The Jaunt 1


JAUNT (noun) – a short journey, especially one taken for pleasure.




My hands are shaky and sweaty

My heart is beating out of my chest

I can’t breathe easy even for a second

Time keeps replaying over and over again


My eyes are jumping a little

Yet tears won’t fall from my eyes

I can see what is in front of me

But it is multiplied by my eyes


Woozy is how I’m feeling

Nauseas at every look

I swear I hate paying bills

Each month I’m afraid to look


Balances after balances

Negatives and positives on repeat

Looking at every statement thinking

Was this something I actually need?


Life is full of luxuries

Many of us want Want WANT

But it isn’t a good feeling

When the paying bills is your new jaunt


“Be careful of your spending habits. If you are not careful, you will have yourself on a long journey of debt repayment…..Everything you may WANT isn’t exactly something you may NEED.” –Monica Renata