The HeartBreaker

Completely and utterly interesting
The apple of one’s eye
Admiration of so many others
But nothing but coldness inside

Smile that shines so brightly
Followed by a smirk
We were warned about this person
This person will treat you worst than dirt

To take your heart and hold it
Hold it so very tight
You think this is a loving embrace
But it only looks like that to the naive eye

Dance with your emotions
In a never ending fiery ring
You think this is love
Because what else could it be?

Wrapped up in this whole feeling
Then they decide to leave
Lost in all confusion
You get on your knees and plead

“Why is this happening?”
“What did I do wrong?”
But in the eyes of the HeartBreaker
You see a person with no soul

Stealing hearts and murdering them
Make your emotions cease
You can’t win with the heartbreaker
For they will leave your heart decease

“Watch who you give your heart to…… Everyone doesn’t value it the same………..” – Monica Renata