The Grand Piano 1

The grand piano that sat in the room
The music sounds so sweet
Your stance as you were sitting there
Was always so unique

You sat straight up and touch the keys
And moved your head with each key you stroked
Beautiful Beautiful music
That you said came from your soul

In a trance you seemed to place me
Under an enchanting spell
You said the music sounded like love
It was a love that could even exist in heaven and in hell

Then you push the little pedal
You smash your right foot down
And soon there is a change that takes place
And that change is the sound

Still beautiful But different
Yet you smile and smirk with glee
In your mind you are playing the piano
And you are also playing me

Beautiful beautiful music
Yet I can’t differentiate the sounds
For what was the sound of beautiful truths
Seems to be intertwined with beautiful lies

Your hands glide across the keys
My heart seems to pound faster
The music sounds so beautiful indeed
But the meaning I can not fathom

That grand piano sat in the room
That piano was always me
And you played the most beautiful music
While you were also playing me

To sit with such calmness
To know how each key touched my soul
The sound was music to my ears
But it also revealed your heart was cold

“Lies are sometimes as beautiful as the truth…” –Monica Renata